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Amen! Thank you to all.of you for your prayers and continued support. This is a repost from my brother!!! Miracles do happen! Tanner you sure are a warrior Time to start growing the hair back. At this point they believe they have got it all out. They will continue to monitor a few nodes that are enlarged but show no signs of active cancer. For now we are done. Some follow up scans to come but looks like it’s out. Thanks again to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers and support in this crazy time. We can’t wait to move on and try and get back to normal #GodBless #soblessed #sothankful #effcancer #wegotthis #hesawarrior #hesafighter #letscelebrate #miraclesdohappen #powerofprayer #pray #Godisgood
ETIQUETAS PERSONALIZADAS para tus frascos de #Condimentos ¡VOS ELEGIS LO QUE DICEN! ? Qué no falten en tu cocina! . . ❇️ Son perfectas para organizar, ordenar y decorar tu cocina #todoetiquetado #todoordenado #tododecorado . ❇️ Son lavables y súper resistentes. ❇️ Soportan lavavajillas. ❇️ Aplicables sobre superficies como vidrio, plástico, metal y cerámica ❇️ Color: uno por plancha. ❇️ El vinilo es autoadhesivo y de fácil colocación ❇️ Se adhieren sobre cualquier superficie lisa: pared, vidrio, chapa, cerámica, madera, acrílico, metal, etc ❌ No es aconsejable aplicarlas sobre superficies con textura, humedad o porosas. . ♻️ Excelente forma de reutilizar tus frascos de vidrio. El vidrio es ?% reciclable y puede ser reciclado ilimitadas veces. . ?también tenemos frases, dibujos,stickers y más para utilizar en frascos, latas y/o botellas. . ?Contános que necesitas y nosotros nos ocupamos ????‍?✂️ @meraki.decopapel #detallesparatufiesta #graficapersonalizada #letscelebrate #handmade #amomitrabajo . . #vinilosdecorativos #vinilosadhesivos #vinilospersonalizados #etiquetas #etiquetaspersonalizadas #etiquetasparafrascos #etiquetasespecias #frascosdecocina #frascosdevidrio #decococina #home #reciclaje #elordenestademoda . ? Consultas por Inbox ? Hacemos envíos a todo el país
Just living is not enough ... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower ? . . . . #events #eventplanner #love #amore #partyplanner #parties #celebration #letscelebrate #celebrate #eventstylist #eventplanning #party #flowers
? Let’s be real, you thought I was doomed right? Me too. Found someone to put up with me for a whole 6 months!! Thanks for your charity @empson29 #letscelebrate
When enough is enough... #alittlepartyneverkillednobody #letscelebrate
D I V A ✨ Siempre es una buena idea ??? Cumplis XV? ?? Escribinos para conocer toda nuestra propuesta a [email protected] . . . #remindpress #letscelebrate #invitacionesdequinceaños #diva
Time to celebrate... ? Hello there birthday dinner? . . . #itsagooddayforagoodday #birthdaygirl #birthdaydinner #letscelebrate #goedbeginvandeweek #shareddining #food #foodphotography #foodpic #nocookingtonight #foodlovers #instafood #yummyinmytummy #foodies #nevertoomuchchocolate #dekamer #heiloo @de_kamer
Over here making “Unicorn Poop”!!??? Beckett gets to celebrate his 1/2 birthday at school tomorrow and this is what he wanted to bring! (We ate it at a birthday party yesterday with Nilla Wafers) Recipe: 12oz Cream Cheese (softened) 1C Greek Yogurt (Fage 2%) 2tsp Vanilla 1 1/2 C Powder sugar Combine all ingredients with mixer, separate into bowls and add food coloring, place into large frosting bag or gallon ziplock (see my story for pic), and then pipe into disposable cups with lids. Refrigerate until eating! #kidsinthekitchen #kidscancook #unicorns #unicornpoop #unicorndip #unicornparty #unicornbirthday #birthdaytreats #happybirthday #birthdaydessert #schoolparty #letscelebrate #nillawafers #party #partydip #sweettreats #theperfecthousewife
Happy birthday to me! #happybirthday #compleanno #letscelebrate #roses #dinner #mixology #cocktails #foodporn #bulkmilano
My decision to be part of Color Street, was one of the best ones yet! I’m thankful each and every day for learning how to be the best leader and mentor I can be! I want to lead you to where you want to be! What are you waiting for? The time to join me is now! March is my birthday month and I want to celebrate the entire month with you! If you’re ready tell me and we will talk! More excitingly, Color Street is in the news ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ #lovemyself❤ #colorstreetnails #colorstreet #bestdecisionofmylife #bestdecisionever #bestdecisionievermade #joinmeorwatchme #joinmeorfollowme #letscelebrate @naileditwitherica